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Ballfield Sponsors

We've made an amazing start to our fundraising!  We recognize the following contributors to the Ballfield Fundraising Campaign.  These donations and your support of the Baseball and Softball Players of Malcom are forever appreciated.  Thank you for helping turn this dream into a reality!

Our fundraising for this ballfield started in the summer of 2016.  We raised our starting funds through various fundraisers, including raffle baskets, Fun Runs, Breakfasts, Pitch Parties, Ball Field Bashes, Bake Sales, t-shirt sales, plant sales, and even Blue Flamingo Flocking.


$ 340,000 Land Water Conservation Grant

$ 100,000 Lancaster County Visitors Fund

$ 40,000 Peed Foundation of Sandhills Publishing

$ 15,000 Terpstra Foundation

$ 15,000 Wake Charitable Foundation

$ 10,000 Dennis and Doris Brown – Stuart Foundation

$ 10,000 Dillon Foundation

$ 5,000 Bernard and Norma Heuermann Foundation

$ 5,000 Omaha Community Foundation - The Plooster Family

Hall of Fame Donors




Kenny Deinert



Cattle Bank and Trust


Jim and Jean Brown

Richard & Heather Small Family In Memory of Archie

Vinnie and Maggie Bittinger / Magical Lights of Malcolm


Larry and Carol Hudkins

Malcolm Booster Club



Cary and Becki Sandell / Wells Fargo Foundation


Christal Kazcor / Community Impact Fund

Gary Larson Memorial

Larry Coffey-Git 'n Split

Royal Neighbors of America

Willard Beckman



Bryan LGH Foundation

Darryl and Charlotte Whisenhunt

Farmer's Co-op—Emerald

Fidelity Charitable

Land O'Lakes

Malcolm Coyote Club

Mark Whitehead-Whitehead Oil

Nikki Small-Allstate Foundation

Randy and Janice Brown


$500 Cathy Paider

$500 Joni and Gordon Allwardt

$500 Northwest Storage

$500 Ryan Schultz

$500 West Gate Bank

$470 Darryl and Charlotte Whisenhunt -  Run/Home Run Challenge ***

$250 Orscheln Farm & Home

$250 Total Surface Design - Tenant Deberg

$200 Pleasant View Farm & Gallery

$150 Jason and Dawn Fortik

$125 Elisha Shultz (dba The Mustard Seed)

$125 Garland Legion (towards the Halloween Party 2018)

$100 Kirby Souder

$100 Molle Barker

$100 Pam Erbe


(paraphrased for this list, bricks will be engraved as ordered)

$250 8x8 brick

Melvin & Cheryl Lindner and Family

The Blair Family

The Burianek Family

The Heidtbrink Family

The Lindner Family

The Fortik Family

The Walters Family

The Witzel Family

In honor of Don & Glenda Minnig

In memory of "Coach" Mike Cook 1953 - 2016

In memory of Gracia Gillming, Lois Lamb, Broek & Mardell Broekemeier

In memory of Lynette Earnest from the Class of 2021 Parents


$125 4x8 brick

Reilly Carlson

Presley Carlson

Brinkley Carlson

Charlie Carlson

Connor Crist

Dale and Pat Dvorak

Debra Tech Coffey

Denny & Doris Brown


Liz Boshart

Mattie Hogrefe

The Ahmann Family

The Benes Family

The Bietz Family

The Boshart Family

The Bratrsovsky Family

The Concession Ladies

The Crist Family

The Ensrud Family

The Frank Family

The Groeling Family

The Green Family

The Hicken Family

The Holliday Family

The Kinnamon Family

The Kirkpatrick Family

The Klipp Family

The Jirovsky Family

The Mohr Family

The Paider Family

The Peltz Family

The Reiling Family

The Vasek Family

In memory of Darwin Bietz

In memory of George Schmucker

In memory of of John Savicky 1940-2021

In memory of Ryan J. Smith

In memory of Shad R Katzenmeier

Sporting Clay Shootout 2019

$TBD Registrations

Station Sponsors

$150  Cheever Construction

$150  Odeys

$150  Pomp's Tire

$150  Thunder Alley

Food and Prize Sponsors

Blur Parties


Super Saver/Fallbrook

Fun Run Sponsors 2018

$1,000 Royal Neighbors of America

$200 Camp A Way

$200 Casey’s

$200 Fallbrook Family Dentistry

$200 Fleet Feet - gift cards for prizes
$200 ProSystems

$200 Sweet Angel Smiles

$200 Sykes Custom Homes

$200 Synergy Homes
$200 Union Bank

$150 Malcolm Fire Department

$100 Raymond Contracting

$100 Skytop Towers

$ 2,637.47 T-Shirt Sales and Registrations

$ 1,220.00  Fun Run Breakfast

Sporting Clay Shootout 2018

$1,720 Registrations

$TBD Hat Sales

Station Sponsors

$100  Earnest & Associates - Allstate

$100  First Bank of Nebraska

$100  Inland Truck Parts & Service

$100  Mussmann Ag

$100  Nicole Simon - State Farm

$150  Cross Dillon Tire

$150  Land and Sky Photography / Nebraska Realty - Ron Earnest

$150  Schwisow Construction

Item Sponsors

Peterbilt of Lincoln – giveaways

Super Saver/Fallbrook – food sponsor

2018 Fundraisers

Driven to Give Fundraiser (test drives)- June 2018 - $7,040

Driven to Give Fundraiser (test drives)- September 2018 - $8,000 

Car Show Bake Sale $450

Gravel Roads Bike Race $526

Halloween Party  $380

Deck the Tower Hall Bake Sale $313

Ugly Sweater Pitch Party $365

2018 Flamingo Flocking  $450

Previous Fundraisers

Raffle Baskets, Fun Runs, Breakfasts, Pitch Parties, the Ball Field Bash, Bake Sales, T-Shirt Sales, Plant Sales, Outdoor Movie Night, and the infamous Blue Flamingo Flockings.

$52,000 since 2016


*** Baseball and Softball fans pledged a dollar amount for each home run hit, and/or for each run scored.

A majority of our 2019 donations counted towards Kenny Deinert's Matching Donation Challenge.  The challenge was made in 2019.  If $25,000 can be raised by the August of 2019, Kenny will donate another $25,000 to Field of Dreams.

A majority of our 2018 donations counted towards Kenny Deinert's Matching Donation Challenge.  The challenge was made in July of 2018.  If an additional $50,000 can be raised by the end of 2018, Kenny will donate another $50,000 to Field of Dreams.  We successfully matched his contribution, so we were able to raise $150,000 because of Kenny.  What an inspiration!

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