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State of the Field

To our Malcolm community:

Field of Dreams (FOD) would like to update the community on our ballfield expansion project, or enlighten you if this is the first you are hearing of it.  FOD was started as a subcommittee of the Malcolm Youth Sports Association (MYSA) in 2016 with the purpose of building an additional softball/baseball field for our Malcolm teams.  During many meetings and community events, the FOD committee has decided the best route to take to fill our current and future community need is adding two ball fields and a large parking area.  The decision to move forward with two fields was made as it was determined that grants could be more easily obtained for a larger field “complex.”

The FOD team presented this plan to MYSA and it has been decided to proceed with an expansion which includes two multi-use ball fields, renovation of the existing ball field, and approximately 210 new parking spots. To facilitate our expansion, a little over 12 acres of land have been purchased with FOD funds to the south of the existing field.  One regulation softball field, one slightly larger field, and the parking lot will be built on these 12 acres.  Both of the ball fields will be able to be used by all of our MYSA baseball and softball teams (8U – 12U) and our high school softball team.  The new fields should open up the field schedules so we can give our 14U - 18U softball players a place to practice and play in Malcolm.  The existing field and one of the new fields will accommodate our Pony (14U) baseball team.  The extent of the renovation of our existing field has yet to be determined, but many upgrades are being explored so we can provide a quality ball field for our high school baseball team and our Legion program.  The existing field will still be usable by our younger MYSA teams as needed.

To help secure funding, grant consultant Diana Hutchinson has been hired.  Grant applications are being submitted and we have been notified of many awarded. (Once grant funds have been received, we will publicly announce them – multiple grant awards need construction receipts to disburse funds). Because of the success we have had with our grant applications, the timeline for this project has advanced and our fields could actually be completed in a couple of years.  Yes, you read that right, our goal is a two year completion!  The faster this project proceeds, the more important  our community fundraising becomes to pay our expenses and as a sign of community support in obtaining grants.  In addition, many of the grants are looking for volunteer hours and matching funds.  What does that mean to you? 

1) If you have skills or equipment that you are willing to donate/utilize in the fast approaching construction phase of the project, please reach out to Randy Brown or Matt Thieman and let them know what you are able to help with. 

2) Additionally, we need to continue to raise funds in and around our community.  Our next fundraising campaign is called REVEAL THE FIELD. We hope you have liked the Fun Runs, T-shirts, Ballfield Bash, Pitch parties, Trap shoot and Plant sales but we only get to keep a portion of the funds raised at these events.  We are now asking for flat donations so we are able to keep 100% of the proceeds for our project.  Kenny Deinert issued another matching pledge challenge, if we can raise $25,000 by October 31, he will match it.  We will have our “Reveal the Field” board posted on social media and at our home softball games.  You may “purchase” a square (100% of the proceeds will be used for the project) to uncover the field picture, and have a chance to win a fabulous prize too!  Contact any committee member below if you’d like us to bring the board to YOU.  We can travel!   Electronic donations via PayPal may also be made by clicking the donate button on our website   Don’t forget, MYSA is a 501(c)3 which may make your contribution tax deductible.    

Our project has so much momentum right now, and with dirt moving at the construction site we are excited to complete Phase 1 (Site preparation and parking lot) and to begin Phase 2 of our project-- actual field construction.  Phase 1 will be paid for with existing donations and grants that have been awarded to date.   Phase 2 won’t be started until sufficient donations and additional grants are obtained.  It can’t happen soon enough for all the kiddos sharing our single current field.  If you would like to attend our next FOD meeting (September 25) please contact a FOD committee member below, or check out our Facebook page. Thank you for your continued support in this exciting project for our community. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to any one of us.

Field of Dreams Committee:

Rozz Beckman

Kathy Boshart 402-499-2088

Randy Brown 402-480-0729

Adam Crist

Brandy Crist

Tera Heidtbrink 402-540-8618

Jill Holliday 402-805-7149

Lindsey Lindner

Cary Sandell   402 525 6641

Nikki Small

Rod Teten

Andrea Thieman

Matt Thieman

Tod Thieman

Jodi  Warenski

Chris Zegar

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